Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Added scrolling, bitmap & multicolor-mode / PLA OK

Now I implemented successful the bitmap-mode to my Xmega-VIC2.
Also I added 38/40 column and 25/24 Row modes with soft-scrolling horizontal and vertical.
Scrolling is possible in character and bitmap-modes.
This is the small basic-program to test the bitmap-mode with the screen above:

I added the multicolor-mode to my Xmega-code and now PAC-MAN looks right - but sadly still without the sprites ;-)

AMC is not in multicolor-mode but the colors weren't OK.
Now the colors are great:

The Commodore Diagnostic now writes that my PLA (82S1) is not bad (I think it is because I implemented CHAREN).
In the second RAM-Test the screen goes crazy, because I use the RAM from D000 to D3FF as VIC-registers. The SID and the 2nd CIA are BAD because they are not present. The first CIA is BAD because of the missing TOD.

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