Tuesday, 11 February 2020

PET 2001-Test V1.3 - now including IEEE 488 Check !

I optimized my PET-2001-Test to get some free space for an IEEE488 check.

The 2001TEST needs a lot of space, because it doesn't need RAM!
...and without RAM you have no ZP, no stack, no subroutines!

The IEEE check tests all DATA-lines, NRFD, DAV, NDAC with 0 and 1 via the MC3446.
Testing ATN doesn't work (in Vice) - I tried everything. Setting ATN should set a flag in PIA2 control reg A (bit 7). I configured high active, low active, pos. / neg. edge, with or without IRQ - no success - it's always low.

If someone has a solution - please let me know...

Now the project is on my GIT: https://github.com/vossi1/2001test

Here is the binary V1.3: http://www.ceffy.de/2001test13.bin

My test runs in an adapter in H7 of a 6540 board or in a 2532 (upper half) in H4 of a 2316B-board.

Here on my Blue PET with 2316B board:

Here with an IEEE488-dataline connected to ground: