Sunday, 10 May 2015

A real MSX for my collection ;-)

I got a real MSX 1 - machine!

It's a Yamaha CX5M with the built-in SFG-01 FM-synthesizer-unit.
I also got the YRM-103 DX7-Voicing Program. With this I can plug in my DX7 and edit the FM-sounds ;-)

Because the power supply was missing I took an external HD-supply with +12V / +5V and soldered it to the very special 13-pin-DIN-plug! With a Murata DC/DC converter I generate the -12V in the CX5M (on the board it generates -5V for the 3-voltage-DRAM's).

I built an audio-cable for the mini cassette recorder and now I'm able to load and save.

The SFG-01 sound-unit was easy to update to the SFG-05. I only needed to change the 16k ROM to the new 32k EPROM and add an extra wire for A14.

The CX5M uses the old TMS 9929 with 8 1-bit-DRAMs:

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