Sunday, 10 May 2015

Real gameplay on my LC64 :-)

After finishing the user-font-implementation I tested some ROM's:
The Commodore Diagnostic-Cartridge (without the test-dongles) runs, but at the second RAM-test the screen disappears... - it comes back at the next count.
U2, U18, U17 are bad because they are missing ;-)
And maybe U1 is bad because in the 8520 is no TOD.
And the 6510 is OK ??? - It's a 6502 :D :D :D

AMC is full playable because it don't uses sprites :-)
It only works with user-fonts - and they are working perfectly!

YouTube: AMC Gameplay


 Pac-Man runs but the start-screen looks crazy?

It's real FUN to play without sprites!
You only see the maze and eating the cakes - but you don't see Pac-Man and the ghosts :D :D :D
YouTube: PAC-MAN Gameplay  (without sprites & without Joystick port 1)

Pipes has some screen-errors but it runs and is playable...

The Terminal-Interface Cartridge works:

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