Friday, 9 February 2018

PET2001 Basic1 IEEE-patch from Vice

I want to use my 2031 floppy with my blue PET and Basic1 ;)
So I extracted the basic1-patch from Vice xpet and checked the differences to the original roms.
I found some patched bytes in the F000-F7FF area (H4 ROM).
Now I burned the patched rom in a 2816 and plugged it in my PET (2316 board).
A 2716/2816 works as x000-x7fff rom because both cs-pins are used low-active.

Sadly that doesn't worked. Andre Fachat (he wrote the patch for vice) wrote me that there is also some code at EF00 - I ignored this area because normally a PET has no rom in this IO-area.

I shortened some IO-error-messages in the F000-F100 area, placed the patch-routines from EF00 there between the messages and changed the addresses of these routines.

Now I'm able to load and save at floppy drive!

You will never get a "file not found error" - the PET writes everytime loading & ready - but doesn't load, if no file found! - without any error message - I don't know why...?

The new error messages are:

TMF = too many files
OPEN = file open
FNF = file not found
DEVNP = device not present
NIF = no input file
NOF = no output file

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