Saturday, 6 August 2016

Max Machine 6566-replacement-pcb finshed!

A few days ago I finished my replacement board with a 6567 for the broken 6566 in my MAX - and it works without any problems!

I built it on a prototype-pcb because I only need one board. It fits directly in the metal-cage of the vic, but you have to leave it open. The 6567 has no cooling now - but I don't use my MAX for long game sessions with radar rat race ;)

In the future I will draw the schematic in eagle and if anybody needs a replacement - just write me...


  1. Very nice! Looking forward to schematics and/or pcb!


  2. Will it work with a PAL VIC-II too?

  3. It should work. You have to change the clock frequency and divider like in the PAL-c64.
    I converted my US-P500 to PAL with a 6569.

  4. Very nice! please tell me how to get one!