Sunday, 11 October 2015

Unbelievable - a second HP B7XX !

Yesterday I got a second High Profile machine: It's a regular B710 (@ right)!
The PSU was defective - but it was easy to repair that.

Who in the world owns two HP-machines? ;-)

The differences to the Prototype (@ left):
Keyboard in beige/green color, sticker instead engraved Commodore, plug in the monitor-power-cable, only 128kB RAM, three 2764 ROMs on adapter-board

It's made in germany 

I have to clean it!


  1. I own FOUR high profile machines :-)

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  3. Now I have also 4 HP machines here and I sold the 5th machine last month @ ebay ;)

  4. But do your HP machines have internal 8250LP drives? :-P

  5. Now I have three machines here ;)
    An early 710 with ceramic 6509 !!!
    The 7xx Preview-machine with the 6xx mainboard with cuttted corners (like Steves machine).
    And I have a 720 with a 8250LP inside - but it's not finished... ;)